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     Welcome to the Inler Angling Club Website

The aim of the IAC's site is to allow fellow club members and season ticket holders to stay in touch with each other, post regular reports & information, pass on any helpful tips and advice, or just simply have a chin-wag.

It will also give the visiting angler the latest information on conditions, day ticket prices and fishing restrictions.

Remember, this is your site! All ideas, feedback & suggestions are most welcome.

Anyone with a story to tell or images that they would like shown on the main site should email submissions to:

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Tight lines!

Why not enter our Fish of the Month contest

Winners will receive fame and fortune! 

(Well... not the fortune part, but certainly the fame)

Just send us a pic with the usual details... what, where, when and how, to make it onto the Page of Fame.

"...I was down on Friday on a day ticket. First time fishing the river and firstly have to say it is fantastic. Very accessible and great fishing to be had....
Kind regards, and great work on the river" 
- Darragh

Please note: Full access to the forum, blog, video and images sections are restricted to club members and season ticket holders only

  • Kennel
  • The Cage
    The Cage
  • High School Pool 1
    High School Pool 1
  • High School Pool 2
    High School Pool 2
  • Tennis Court Corner
    Tennis Court Corner
  • Primary School Pool
    Primary School Pool
  • Footbridge
  • Munn's
  • Munn's Pool 2
    Munn's Pool 2
  • Munn's Pool 3
    Munn's Pool 3
  • The Meetings
    The Meetings

          Pollution 24hr Hotline                

              0800 807060

  Pollution 24hr Hotline

     0800 807060

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Allied Irish Shield

Sunday 23rd August

Stephen Harris Memorial Shield

Sunday 20th September

Inler Angling Club Trophy

Sunday 18th October 

Closing Day

Saturday 31st October

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