Inler Angling Club

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The following rules were agreed at the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Inler Angling Club held on the 17th January 1997 and were amended at the Annual General Meeting of the club on 9th February 2017. They are designed to cover all aspects of Club activities and supersede and replace all rules previously in force.



2. The objectives of the Club shall be:

(a) To preserve, protect and improve all angling waters under the Club's control.

(b) To promote the meetings of members and the co-operation, higher standards of sportsmanship and good relations amongst all members, Anglers and the local community.


3. The Club shall be managed by a Committee consisting of a CHAIRMAN, VICE-CHAIRMAN, HON. SECRETARY, ASST. SECRETARY, HON. TREASURER, and a maximum of 9 members, all of whom shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

4. (a) At least four members, excluding the Chairman, are required to form a quorum at Committee meetings.

     (b) Committee members are required to attend 50% of committee meetings if  they wish to stand for re-election.

5. The Committee shall control the finances of the Club and shall have such power as may be necessary to carry out objectives of the Club. Committee meetings shall be held on the first Thursday of every month at 8.00pm unless notified otherwise.

6. The Committee shall have the authority to:

(a) Accept applications for membership of the Club

(b) Cancel the membership of any member who either breaks the rules of the Club or acts in a way which is considered prejudicial to the interests of the Club, and

(c) To create Hon. Members.


7. The AGM shall be held in the second week of February each year, when the Officers shall make their respective reports and when Officers of the Committee for the ensuing year shall be elected. Two weeks written notice of the AGM will be given to members.


8. It will be the responsibilty of the Secretary to:

(a) Maintain an up-to-date list of all members.

(b) Notify members about General Meetings, outings etc.

(c) Maintain a list of applications for Membership and furnish the Assist. Secretary with copies.

(d) Make the arrangements for the Club outings.

(e) Deal with correspondence.


9. The Asst. Secretary shall prepare minutes in respect of all Club meetings.


10. The Treasurer shall keep the Club accounts and shall be responsible for the monies entrusted to their keeping. They have accounts duly audited by auditors appointed by the club and shall prepare a balance sheet for submission to the members at the AGM. All cheques will be signed by the treasurer and one other Officer. The Treasurer and Secretary will also have responsibility for current account debit cards.


11. Any person wishing to become a member of the Club shall apply to the Secretary for an application form. All applications will be considered at the first Committee meeting following their receipt. A decision on whether or not the applicant is suitable for membership will be taken. If acceptable, the applicant will be informed that they have been awarded membership or have been added to the waiting list and will be admitted to membership when a vacancy occurs. The number of members shall be restricted as follows:

SENIOR (aged 17+) = 65

JUNIORS                 = 35

The number of senior vacancies arising each year due to senior members leaving will be filled from the Senior Waiting List irrespective of the number of Juniors moving to Senior.

12. (a) Junior members have no vote in the affairs of the Club

       (b) Hon. Members have full voting rights in the affairs of the Club

13. A condition of membership of the Club includes participation in at least two work parties annually by all able bodied adult members at the descretion of the committee.


14. (a) The Annual Subscription must be paid to the TREASURER or SECRETARY on or before the 1st March each year. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of membership.

       (b) Senior Citizens will be charged 50% of the Membership fee.

       (c) The Membership fees will be set at each AGM


15. Alteration to the rules can only be made at an Annual General or Extraordinary General Meeting. Notices of motion regarding any such alteration must be made in writing to the Secretary 28 days prior to the AGM and the Secretary must notify the members 14-days prior to the AGM.


16. Members and permit holders, fishing club waters must behave in a responsible manner.

17. From 1st March 2017 the club will operate a strict catch and release policy. ALL FISH MUST BE RETURNED TO THE WATER UNHARMED. This should be done with wet hands.

18. Anglers must produce their  DAERA Rod Licence Number & Membership Card (or Day Ticket) on demand by other members. Members must be prepared to have their bags examined by other members.

19. Bait fishing and spinning may be varied at the discretion of the Committee in the interests of the Club's restocking programme and may be restricted to a particular stretch of the river. This may vary from season to season. Members will be advised at the AGM  each year if a change is thought necessary.

However, from Munn's Bridge down-stream. spinning & bait fishing will be permitted all season, with fly only on the remainder of the river. 


20. No bait digging or fire lighting is permitted along the river banks.

21. No member may fish with more than one rod and line at a time.

22. These rules must be adhered to at all times and contravention of any of them will be notified to the Committee for disciplinary action.


1. The competition rules shall be read to the competitors by the Captain prior to the commencement of all competitions.

2. In all competitions, a Captain shall be appointed by the competitors to count the fish and make the awards. The Captain shall be responsible for the preparation of the report of the competition for submissions at the following Committee meeting.

3. In all competitions, the following limitations will be observed: TROUT - 10 inches (subject to statutory or club limits which have to take precidence on the day).

4. Competitions will be decided by overall length of fish caught. In measuring fish only one measure will be used for all catches. Measurement will be from the tip of the nose to the extreme tip of the tail, which is the be spread in natural position.

5. No competitor shall be eligible for more than one of the club prizes at any individual competition.

6. The Captain will clearly state the time and place of the judging before the commencement of all competitions.

7. Competitions shall commence at the signal for the Captain and shall finish likewise.Any competitor arriving late at the weigh-in shall be disqualified.

8. Each competitor must only fish with one rod & line at any point in time.

9. Groundbaiting and the use of maggots is not permitted.

10. Competitors must catch & land their own fish, with the exception of large fish, when a competitor may be helped to land fish.

11. No competitor shall interfere with the sport of another competitor. After due warning should he/she persist, he/she shall be disqualified and the Committee shall consider the cancellation of his/her membership.

12. The decisions of the Captain & Judges shall be accepted as FINAL, except in the case of Rule 10, when the Captain shall report such breaches to the Committee whose decision shall be FINAL.

13. Weigh-in shall take place on the river bank / lakeside, or at a place arranged by the Captain. The fish shall be displayed at this place and remain there until the competition is decided.

14. Any visitor or friend of a competitor, not being an entrant to the competition and fishing waters where competitors are fishing, will be subject to the rules and conditions binding competitors.

The Inler Angling Club is fully committed to full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), which came into force on 25th May 2018.