Inler Angling Club

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A Bit About The River...

Our clubwaters are based in and around the historic County Down townland of Comber.

The Inler (or Enler), originates in the Holywood & Castlereagh Hills. From there it flows through Dundonald and on to Comber, before finally entering Strangford Lough at Island Hill on Comber Estuary.

The river is famed for producing beautiful, hard-fighting sea & brown trout that will test an angler's skill to the fullest.

In recent years the Club has worked tirelessly to improve habitat, and with help from ADSEA, who supplied sea trout fry in an effort to encourage an increase in migratory fish to the Inler system, we're aiming to become one the finest game fisheries in the country.

The season kicks off March 1st and lasts until October 31st.

Dry-fly fishing for brown trout can be frenetic when the conditions are right. For such a little river, we really do enjoy some amazing sport!

Sea trout runs begin almost immediately and last throughout the season, depending on water height. Night fishing for these elusive & beautiful creatures is becoming more popular.

Depth varies, but other than the odd spot, never really gets above adult chest height in normal conditions. Footing is generally firm for wading and there is good access all along the river. But as some of the water's edge is fringed by a public footpath, anglers are advised to be vigilant when casting.

Tackle should be kept lightweight, and the use of waders is advised, (you really do have to be in the river to get the best from it)!

There are three main sections. Lower (downstream from Munn's Bridge, Newtownards Road to, and including, Island Hill), Middle (downstream from Kennel Bridge seen right, to Munn's Bridge) & Upper (upstream from Kennel).
Recommended flies...

Beaded GRHE

Wickhams Fancy

Pheasant Tail Nymph

Remember: Wading can be dangerous. Every care should be taken as some swims drop off quickly into deep pools!